“White Wedding”

This past weekend we were given the biggest honour in the world of being asked to stand beside our best friends as they FINALLY took their love for one another to the next step.

This was the most sacred and special celebration of the year to us.

Not that the other’s weren’t special, but because the two people that committed their undeniable love for one another are two of the most important people in both mine and Chad’s lives.

Curtis & Tanya White’s wedding day reminded everyone who attended, exactly what love looks like, what love feels like & what love does.

For that we Thank-You.

This legendary love story started with the most incredible ceremony in their own yard.
It was perfect.
Their entire day was perfect.

The boys rode in on horses, while the girls were brought in on a carriage.
The ceremony took place in front of their gorgeous barn, with a slight breeze, blowing in feelings of pure admiration & joy.
It was completely country & completely them.
stephanie (2)
Stephanie 3
Their wedding party was made up of the nicest, loving, most loyal group of people possible.
And boy did we have fun… SO MUCH FUN!
0545I have to be honest, I cried tears, so many happy tears ALL day.
I don’t think there was a dry eye in the hair shop the morning of the wedding.
As Tanya looked at herself for the first time, the look on her face was the most beautiful thing you could have imagined.
The most gorgeous person, let alone bride I know.
StephanieThere were so many emotions.
It was hard to determine whether to laugh, smile or cry.
Tammy ElmquistThere are some things that I have a hard time putting into words & because I know you are both reading this right now…
Your wedding day is one of them.
There is no way to explain the love and admiration Chad & I have for both you.
There is no way to explain the undeniable fact that we were all meant to be together on this life journey.
We are so absolutely blessed to have the two most honourable, loyal people in our lives.
Everything we said in our speech was the truth.
We couldn’t be happier for you both.
We cannot wait to make many, many more memories as a colony with you both.
I will continue to buy food in portions of four instead of two, because you and your animals are always welcome to call Backwoods home.
0942bwWelcome to the Colony as Mr. & Mrs. White!
We love you guys with all of our hearts.
You are “our” people.
We are so undeniably proud of you both.

png Signiture
Photography by: Robin K Photography, Stephanie Christiansen, Tristin Chadd & Tammy Elmquist

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