Scrumptious September.

hello septemberIf you know me, you know that I LOVE candles, but not just any candles.
I am not trying to sell you something…I’m trying to ~give~ you something.
I take great pride in our little ranch house, but with working a full-time job & having ranch duties…sometimes our little house gets neglected.
Let’s be honest, I would much rather be spending time with my cluckers, oinkers & neighers than cleaning my house…on the best of days.
It’s these busy work & ranch times that I depend wholeheartedly on my Gold Canyon.

I want our little house to smell of apple crumb cake, pumpkin pie & chai in the fall/winter and peaches, clean sheets & lavender in the spring/summer.
Gold Canyon does just that!
I have often had people walk into our house & ask what I was baking…(I don’t bake.)

If you want a product that is actually worth what you spend on it… then this is the one.
The large size of these candles have 200, yes…200 hours of burn time.
They are double wicked, and have a soft even burning wax…No wasted build up left around the edges.
There are 79 scents to choose from…something for everyone!
Gold Canyon also has an amazing essential oil infused cleaning product line.
The cleaning products are all we have usedย in our house for over 3 years.
They are plant-based & naturally antiseptic, antifungal & antiviral.
Not to mention they also smell AH-Mazing, in scents such as: rosemary mint, citron lime pomelo, rosemary mint & peppermint eucalyptus!

Jump on over to my instagram page @backwoodsbuffalo & watch for a Gold Canyon giveaway!!!

If youย wish to indulge in the gift that keeps on giving… check out the link below!

I could go on and on about these products for days, but enough of that, my house smells of Pumpkin Spice & I’m busy enjoying the growth our fillies have made over the summer.
Blessed with a good smelling home & beautiful horses โค

image image imagepng Signiture


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