The Trouble is, YOU Think YOU have Time.

Sometimes something tragic has to happen for you to take a step back and re-focus how you have been living your life.
At Backwoods our lives are always fast paced…always on the go…always doing things for others and never enjoying or completing our own things.

Last week many people around us lost family members.
Young family members.
Lives that should have never been taken so soon.

It makes you reflect on each and every moment of everyday and how you spend your time.
Procrastination stems from the thought “that you think you have time.”
We are changing things and it all makes sense- to us.
We are spending more time doing the things that we love & spending more time doing meaningful things as a “family.”

Our animals, our home, our ranch, our health, our relationships & ultimately our lives have been taken off the back burner.
No more “tomorrows” or “maybe next years”.
It’s making our souls happy & at peace.
“Our time” will not be wasted.

photo 2
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This is our life & our “time” is now.
white signiture

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