Cactus what you Preach.

In Alberta the Stampede has come & gone once again.
Social Media is now flooded with controversy and petitions to be signed by organizations like PETA.
Every time someone on my friends list shares one, I cringe.
I cringe not because I believe people shouldn’t have their own opinions, but because of the life lessons Rodeo taught me as a child.
I cringe at the fact that these people who don’t know anything about the sport are trying to glorify it as an abusive, sadistic, corrupt battle between Man & Animal.
I cringe at the fact that these people are going out of their way to banish a sport that has been around for Centuries & ultimately making it so my family won’t be able to endure the life lessons I was privileged with as a child through the sport of Rodeo.
RodeoTry as you may… The life lessons that come along with Rodeo will always be present in our household.
If not endured in an arena, they will be endured in every aspect of our daily farming/ranching activities,
as they are in every farming or ranching operation across the country.
Rodeo is a way of life, that stems directly from the Ranch.
& we will forever “practice what we preach.”
cactus what you preachThings Rodeo distills in our Children:
2. Confidence
3. Humility
4. Compassion
5. Honesty
6. Work Ethic
7. Listening Skills
8. Perseverance
10.Problem Solving
11. Team Work
12. Strategy
13. Trust
14. Independence
15. Motivation
16. Development
17. Accountability
18. Goal Setting
19. How to Value things.
& most of all to never give up.

If there is one singular sport that can teach my children as many life lessons as rodeo, please enlighten me.
Rant Over.
white signiture

3 Comments on “Cactus what you Preach.

    • Nobody that partakes in the Sport of Rodeo, goes into it thinking “I’m going to intentionally harm an animal today.” I may be speaking for myself, but the animals that live on our Ranch are treated better than ourselves.

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      • Well that’s good to hear. Maybe not all animals are treated as well as they are on your ranch. In that case, I think it should still be looked at 🙂

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