The Province that Built Me.

Now that our world has relaxed a bit, I thought I would tell you a little about our trip to Manitoba.
First and foremost if you live on a farm/ranch you probably know how unnerving it is to leave the well-being of your animals in the hands of your friends & family.
It is a huge responsibility and you have to trust the people you are leaving to attend to things with all your heart.
We are some of the lucky ones.
We have such an amazing group of friends, that it made leaving an ease.
Thank-you so much Dayner, Colby, Curt, Tanya & our 4 Ramsays.
We love and appreciate you guys so much.

We made the trek to Manitoba a couple of weekends ago for a Celebration!!!
My baby Sister Rebecca Graduated High School & she looked absolutely stunning.
Our Ranch 681Our Ranch 711 Our Ranch 621Our Ranch 609
We took part in her Graduation BBQ at my Mom & Dads.
It was a night filled with laughter, singing, good food, friends, family and a bonfire.
Our Ranch 448 Our Ranch 458 Our Ranch 483 Our Ranch 491 Our Ranch 499 Our Ranch 505We also went to the lake, visited a vintage candy store & made our own iced cream.
Our Ranch 507 Our Ranch 522 Our Ranch 525 Our Ranch 529 Our Ranch 540 Our Ranch 555 Our Ranch 572 Our Ranch 599
The last couple days were spent at the horse races, eating organic pizza, attending the farmers market & shooting some guns.
Our Ranch 782 Our Ranch 787 Our Ranch 824 Our Ranch 834 Our Ranch 845 Our Ranch 858 Our Ranch 909 Our Ranch 911I must say that one of my most favorite parts of the trip were getting to say my goodbyes to an old friend of mine.
Just in case his light doesn’t shine next winter.
This stubborn barrel & rope pony taught me so many things about life.
This horse made me laugh, made me cry, made me smile & boy did he make me mad.
He was the gate opener, the oat sneaker, the jokester, the crow hopper, the guy who shouldered in for fun.
He was and is a royal pain in the ass.
But he was & is my best friend.
My Nibsy boy.

Our Ranch 988 Our Ranch 935Sometimes I feel so far away from this magical place & the visits are never long enough.
Manitoba is the Province that built me & I will always call it home.
Until next time. Our Ranch 447 Our Ranch 1013
white signiture

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