Benefits of Raising Bison

This piece of art by Nancy Cawdrey, conveys how majestic Bison really are.
They are spiritual, smart, beautiful, unique and native to North America.
bison artWe believe there are many benefits to raising Bison & we thought we would share a few with you.
As an “Oilfield Family” we never know what Chad’s shifts will look like from one month to another.
We never know if he will be working around home for months at a time or away for months at a time.
That’s just it… you never know.
You go where the work is.



Did you know…
That given enough land Bison do not require additional supplemental feeds…even in the winter.
Also Bison are so smart that they will actually seek out water & dig up springs to provide themselves with water & minerals.
Bison waste very little, whereas cattle tend to eat selectively…which strains vegetation.
Bison only need to be handled once-twice a year and rarely require birthing assistance.
Producers raise them as naturally as possible because they thrive best when not handled more than necessary.
Bison will abort their calves if they feel the winter will be too harsh. This way they can save their energy to provide for themselves.
Every part of the animal can be retailed and most producers market hides, leather, skulls, manure and hair, in addition to meats.

This is just a small list of benefits that Bison provide Producers with, but the biggest benefit of all is:
Bison meat is delicious and extremely healthy for you!
canadian bisonBison meats have a greater concentration of iron, zinc, and essential fatty acids.
They are extremely lean but have a sweet, non-gamey taste.
Many fitness enthusiasts consume Bison meats because they are so high in Iron and so low in fat.

Stay tuned for the most delicious Bison Enchilada Recipe soon.
2015 bison 4 2015 bison 3 2015 bison 2 2015 bisonOur small herd of Plains Bison are often no-where to be found as they hide in the dips & bushes of our wooded half section.
When we receive the opportunity to snap a few quick flicks of these Bambinos, we are forever grateful.
hondoHappy Wednesday from our Herd to Yours.

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One Comment on “Benefits of Raising Bison

  1. It taste great if someone growing them in their own ranch. I have tasted Blackforestbison jerky when i was in a football match where they were sponsored partner I guess and it was amazing Pepper & Cheese Bison Burgers. They grow their bison in own ranch which have No Hormones – No Steroids – No Antibiotics and I think that makes it really great in taste and off course it has lesser fat and cholesterol as you have mentioned so its quite safe to consume than other jerky.


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