Welcome to Backwoods.

We have been Welcoming New Members to Backwoods Left and Right!
We are patiently awaiting the Bison who are still in the bush, most likely waiting for the last arrivals.
A couple of weeks ago, Chad went into the bush and pushed them out and there were 5 Bambinos!!!
This is not the greatest picture, but you get the idea of their cuteness!!!

The foals have been hitting the ground over the last couple weeks as well!
It is the year of the fillies at Backwoods and that is A-OK with us!
We have had four foals so far & are waiting on one more little.
This year we also bred a couple of Chad’s Dad’s mares & lo and behold he had a Filly too!
11350541_707466616043151_4466266557103788789_n 10431546_707466849376461_422363750090085210_n 1546189_707466729376473_8976988542988533828_n 11407240_707466962709783_7854754899013443541_n
Total cuteness overload!!!
Welcome to Backwoods Girls.

The cuteness doesn’t stop there…
11421983_1572533709677751_27415019_n10 Baby Laying Hens!
I have seriously been begging Chad for ladies of my own…for YEARS!
I got them… & I am ecstatic!!!
Chad built this cute little COOP for the time being, until we get their palace prepped 😉
They currently have a Turquoise door & some Rustic Stars.
& so do we!!!11109508_707970992659380_2353623081441566875_n
All we can say is we live a truly blessed life.
Times are changing.
Baby sissy is Graduating, summer is here, new opportunities, sun tans and cold beer.
So ya’ll Welcome to Backwoods it’s a place where the Buffalo Roam & the humans go crazy over turquoise & cold stones.
Come on in!

Happy Monday Sun-Day!!!
white signiture
ps. If you haven’t ordered yours… you only have 8…yes 8! Days Left.
Follow the link below to order your very own Backwoods Buffalo: Grass Fed. Alberta Bred. t-SHIRT!!!

2 Comments on “Welcome to Backwoods.

  1. You sound very happy Laurie. I am so glad Chad and you are happy. You are living the life you want to. That is very important. I am living my life the way it is best and am very happy as well. I don’t have to depend on anyone and am free to live the life I want. Enjoy all your animals and life Laurie. Life is too short to please everyone. So please yourself. Love Grandma. Xxxx


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