Home is Where the <3 Is.

I am ever so happy to be home after spending a week away.
Home is really where my heart and soul lie.

Sometimes I take the fact that Chad has to work away  for granted… because as he has to lie in a bed that’s not his, I get to snuggle up with our fur babies and wake to the sight of them everyday.

I am the type of person that doesn’t like to stray too far from home.
It may not be a mansion.
It may not have satellite tv or service.
It may not have a bathtub.
It may not have a front porch.
It may not have a gigantic dining room.
But it does have character & the ones I love most.

This week I am feeling Thankful.

Thankful for my husband.
Thankful for our land.
Thankful for Backwoods altogether.
Thankful for good jobs.
Thankful for new opportunities.
Thankful for amazing friends & family.
Thankful for our livestock & pets.
Thankful for my Jetta.
Thankful for Alberta.
Thankful for my bed & fans.
Thankful for sunrises & sunsets.
Thankful for western art.
Thankful for turquoise.

& I’m especially THANKFUL for this view.
May 4 2015 405
We had one heck of a busy weekend, equipped with a baby shower, some Birthday Celebrations & of course a bonfire.
I thought I would share some pictures from the Baby Shower that my friend Shelly and I put on for our good friend Rachel ❤
We were so happy with how everything turned out and so very thankful for everyone that pitched in!
May 4 2015 358 - Copy May 4 2015 359 - Copy May 4 2015 361 May 4 2015 364 May 4 2015 370 May 4 2015 372 May 4 2015 402
The beautiful Mommy & Daddy to be ❤
rach and clay
Happy Monday my Friends.
white signiture

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