We were recently asked to write a testimonial for our friends Denny and Lynn whom we got our boy Ruger from.
Writing something short and sweet about an animal that brings so much joy and laughter into your life is not an easy thing to do.
It took me about a week to think up exactly what I wanted to say.
I condensed it, so I thought I would expand HERE enjoy 🙂

In an oilfield family there is always that lingering thought in the back of your mind as your husband leaves for the field.. What if?
What if someones shows up here… who is not welcome.

There are sleepless nights and moments of hiding in the bathroom with loaded shotguns.
There are nights of all the blinds closed, lights off, doing army moves across the living room floor… just to peer out the crack of the blind to see what the hell the dogs are barking at.
“Oh Thank-God!!!!! Its just the coyotes.”

Those are things I have actually done when staying home alone!

That scared, anxious, trapped feeling is very rare now.

It has become rare because I am protected.
“Ruger” came into our lives after a year of growth & change in our family.
He was originally going to be a Christmas gift for Chad and was in fact gifted to him by me.  Anyone who comes to our house would vote that “Ruger” is a family dog, but his sole master is not Chad…but me.  After spending countless days & nights with only me, “Ruger” has become my most loyal companion. “Ruger” gives me the greatest sense of security and puts my heart at ease. I know I can depend on “Ruger” to not only protect me, but also our home, land & other animals. “Ruger” adapted very fast to living with our other dogs and has grown quite fond of cows; as he was caught cuddling in the straw with one a couple weeks ago. He loves sneaking in the house & stealing Chads spot on the couch when he gets up. On days when Chad is home, he (Chad) lets him in the house to act as my alarm clock. Waking up to his sweet smiling face always makes for a good day. We have an unbreakable bond.
His beauty, intelligence, fearlessness and gentle stature are what make him so unique. “Rug” brings so much joy and laughter to our household with his easy going temperament.

I am grateful every day for this majestic soul.

If you or anyone you know is looking for an addition to your family, I highly recommend looking into the Cane Corso breed.
You will never find a more well rounded canine…except for maybe our Rooster Cogburn & Bubba O’malley 😉

Please check out
Our friends Denny, Lynn & their boys have a wonderful Cane Corso Italiano Breeding Program.
They are a well rounded farm family.
They are down to earth, knowledgeable, helpful and most of all so very welcoming.

We would like to send out a sincere and heartfelt Thank-You to the Golden family for making our “Family” whole.

IMG_3779 11140330_10155474320880422_3302491311893461128_nWith all my love, have the BEST WEEKEND EVER!!!
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