Rollin’ in like Wildfire

My favorite season is finally upon us.
Baby animals are hitting the ground & flower beds are being cleaned out.
I have worn sandals more than once & gone outside without a jacket.

When the warm weather starts to roll in…it also means wedding season is upon us.
Anyone that knows me, is well aware that I am a sucker for weddings.
I love everything about them, the vows, decor, food, drinks, dancing & most of all the fashion.

Chad and I have been blessed enough to be invited to 6 weddings so far and one baby sisters graduation!
That means a whole lot of dressing up, without a whole lotta money.
I enjoy having some sort of inspiration to work off of, when picking my outfits.
I decided to put together a few inspiration outfits for all you ladies who are also attending royal affairs this summer.
Hope you enjoy ❤






Cheers to a Happy, Happy Weekend!!!

white signiture

4 Comments on “Rollin’ in like Wildfire

  1. Hi Laurie,

    Lovely options! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m currently enjoying and the plan of using modules for my clothes. Right now I have so few clothes out I’m super excited about rediscovering pieces in the summer module.

    I don’t have any weddings this summer, but I do have my own 10th anniversary and a getaway to pack for!

    Emily Grace

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Emily Grace!

      I’ve never heard of… do I live in a bubble or what!!! lol. I will have to check it out. Happy 10th Anniversary, enjoy your getaway. Thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

      Laurie 🙂


      • I found Unfancy on Pinterest when I was searching “how to wear a maxi skirt” – I salute your bubble from my bubble. (: LOL

        have a great weekend.


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