Spring Fever.

As the snow melts once again & all the buried treasures of the winter start to surface, I find that the work is never ending.
I have been spreading myself thin between pumping out our sewer…& doing chores.
In my spare time (insert laughter here)Β I have been spending time designing our soon to come chicken coop.
I am hoping to use as many re-purposed materials as possible.
I want it to be functional but beautiful.
Chippy old doors, white washed walls & vintage feeders will be present for sure.
I am hoping to create a chicken Casa…Chad doesn’t think my ladies need a super fancy space… I beg to differ.

chicken coop fancy
This is my favorite inspiration, but will be tweaked in many ways to endure the cold northern Alberta weather.

Spring is definitely here as the baby animals are starting to arrive.
The first new additions of 2015 are these 2 adorable bambinos.
Welcome kitties πŸ™‚
IMG_3585 mar
While Chad was home last we took a drive over to see some family friends & stopped on the way to admire this beauty of a spot.
This little piece of heaven is where we took our Wedding Photos, almost two whole years ago!!!
The photo of the barn was only last week, SNOW everywhere.
Now the ground looks like this…
The spring cleaning has begun.
I have been going through all the crapΒ  in our house & donating the excess.
The rule is if it doesn’t truly make you happy, you don’t need it.
IMG_3572 IMG_3596
Have a wonderful week everyone.

white signiture

7 thoughts on “Spring Fever.

      1. Isn’t she GREAT! She’s done this for years and I feel she really knows, and want to share, a lot of what she has learned with the chickens throughout the years.


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