Have you heard of Agriculture More Than Ever?
When Chad & I first bought Backwoods, I invested in this sweet field sign from Agriculture More Than Ever.
We proudly display it outside our home & often have people ask us about it.
field Sign
A year and a half later we were given the opportunity to become AGvocates.
This means that we partnered with Agriculture More Than Ever to “engage in positive conversation” about Agriculture to give a clearer perception of what it means and looks like to be involved with Canadian Agriculture.
Agriculture More Than Ever focuses on connecting Farmers through collaborations where we can support one another in the efforts of taking farming from “survival mode- to thriving.”
ag more
Did you know that by 2050 there will be 9 BILLION people to feed in the world?
9 BILLION mouths relying on the future of agriculture and ultimately young farmers shoulders.

We would be very appreciative if you would take the time to check out:
Become an AGvocate, a partner or support the future of farming by purchasing some gear!

We are proud Agvocates & you could be too!!!


On another note another amazing website to check out is
While attending Lakeland College an AG class which involved many of my best friends teamed up with to create a video focusing on the voices and opinions of Young Farmers, while showing the “world the hands that feed them”.
The passion from everyone involved with this project is truly evident in this video.
Not to mention FarmOn is a small charitable organization run by young farmers in Alberta, Canada!
The movement is known as #FarmVoices.
Join in this movement on Social Media!

white signiture

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