There has been multiple times this past month, where I have looked at Backwoods Buffalo and had every intention of writing something.
That “something” never came.
I didn’t know if it was lack of motivation, lack of things going on, or lack of inspiring things.

I now know that the reason I did not write was NOT because of lack of motivation, happenings or inspiration.
It was simply because I needed a break.
I have been working really hard on becoming a better person myself.
A better friend, animal mother, support to co-workers and clients and ultimately loving partner.

I have been admitting all the things I do/did not like about myself and changing them.
I’m human and I’m enough.

I find it crazy that I will be 24 next week… and I have wasted so much time focusing on other peoples happiness and feelings all this time… when I could have been focusing on my own…
That sounds incredibly selfish… However if you do not like or even love yourself, you can’t help anyone.
By learning to love myself, admit my faults, show confidence & ultimately ignorance in times of need, I have become happier.
I have rekindled relationships, worked on my relationship with my Husband and animals & did some soul healing.

The hardest thing I let go of… was caring about what others thought of me.
This is incredibly hard… but in a sense none of my damn business.
I can honestly say that I am happy & proud of myself in this moment.
i am enoughOn a completely different note.
Spring is almost here.
We have had +10 temperatures for a few days.
Everything is melting.
It is muddy & beautiful.
Babies will soon be on their way at Backwoods.
Kitties any time now.
Piggies crossing fingers hopefully soon.
Curt and Tanyas Calves in April.
Buffalo Calves in May.
Foals in June.
This is the most wonderful time of the year.

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10 Comments on “Changes

  1. awwww all the babies would be the best time for sure! You are lucky in the weather department here in Newfoundland/east coast it’s been a major snow storm for weeks!


  2. Good! When we learn to love and accept who we are life we are much happier! We can stop focusing on other peoples intentions for our own lives! I wasted a lot of time on other and I gave in because no matter what I do, they will NEVER be happy! Congratulations on your accomplishments, no matter how small they are GREAT!!!!


  3. It took a long time for me to finally be able to love and accept myself. I think I’m in a place now where I feel comfortable with it, but it’s still a struggle sometimes.


    • We are constantly changing and growing as people. It seems every couple months I have to slow down and realize all the changes I’ve made and become re-happy with the person I am in that moment. 🙂


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