Valentines Shmalentines

So Valentines is coming up…

The Big Ole LOVE day.
Where you are supposed to buy some commercialized  gifts “garbage” for your loved one that is supposed to symbolize how much they mean to you.

Personally I do not want a box of chocolates- It’s February. I’m still on my eat better New Years resolution that will probably only last until March…
I’m not big on Roses either… especially red. If I’m going to get flowers they are going to be free and hand picked out of the field.
Wine… Yuck. Beer is definitely a much better choice.
Chad openly admits he does not believe in Valentines day, so with that being said I never get my hopes up.
We believe that you should show each other how much you care for each other every day… not just one day of the year.

With that being said I would be astronomically surprised if we ended up actually doing something for Valentines Day… & because I know Chad reads this why not let him & other guys know what would actually be “COOL”  & FREE to do on Valentines Day…

If Valentines Day could be in the Summer I would want too…
Have a truck bed picnic… lets be real here… who wouldn’t?
Partially FREE!
Go FISHING!!! Ice Fishing is COOL too… & IT’S FREE!
Go EXPLORING. It is one of my most favorite things to do… and it’s FREE!
I would like to set up our Tipi, Tepee, Teepee (I just learned it’s spelled 3 ways) & have a sleepover! Also FREE!
I would like to go Horse Back Riding… It’s Fun & FREE!
I would like to go hunting for whatever is in season… HOGS??? Any day of the year. (FREE)

Indoor picnics & movie nights are also fun seeing as we basically live in the Arctic!
If none of these ideas tickle your fancy…
Just BUY the girl another Pot Belly.
No one would say no or be disappointed with a POT BELLY.
With that being said… Good luck on your V- Day Planning.

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