It feels a lot like spring in Northern Alberta.
Days of +10 in mid January.
We are feeling pretty thankful.
Doing chores in a hoodie? Yes please.

On another note.
One of my resolutions for this year was working on letting things go.
So far it is going well.
As I have seen changes in myself & my relationship, I thought why not try to work this mantra into my work.
let it gooo
Tuesday evenings I spend my time facilitating a group called Childrens New Hope with a couple of my co-workers.
We spend time educating children/youth on the effects of family violence & how to break the circle of violence.
With the older group my goal was to find ways to empower these teen girls.
I spend countless hours coming up with hands on activities that will nourish the soul.
Last night we did an activity that turned out amazing.
Basically the logistics of it include…

A multitude of scrap booking paper.
An old frame, turned into a turquoise gem.
& imagination.

Each one of us picked as many scrap-book pieces as we wished.
We then looked inside and discovered which qualities we each portrayed that were of the negative type.
We wrote each negative quality on a scrap-book paper.
Talked about how it effected us and what we could do to rid of the quality.
After we spoke about the quality we released it by adhering it to the art piece.
This activity was very beneficial for each of us individually and led to some self discoveries.
The finished “art” is beautiful and is proudly displayed in our shelter.
new hope art
There is something so gratifying about admitting your faults & working towards letting go of things that are completely out of your control.
what we are
Happy Wednesday.

white signiture

4 Comments on “Release.

    • Thanks Dad!

      Nothing better to make a girl smile than hearing your Dad is proud of you! It’s always neat when your passions and your job come together:)

      Love you.


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