Getting to know you.

We have been so blessed to receive an influx of followers lately!
We decided that we should re-introduce ourselves!

I am Laurie and my Husbands name is Chad!
We are aspiring ranchers and we by no means have a “perfect” life.
We have had many trials and tribulations in the last year and a half.
But looking back we have come to realize for a now 23 and 24 year old… We have done big things!
We are both born and raised farm kids and wouldn’t have it any other way.
I am originally a small town Manitoba girl and Chad is an Albertan for life.
We purchased a 320 Acre Ranch/Farm better know as Backwoods Buffalo Ranch in October of 2013 and couldn’t be more grateful for where our lives are taking us.
We are located in Northern Alberta and are more than happy to show off where we live and what we do at any time!
october 20 055 - Copy
We have a river running through our property and therefore have some pretty amazing wildlife roaming the banks.
We are home to a small but growing herd of Plains Buffalo and a Performance Horse breeding program.
We currently have 15 head of horses and if it were up to Chad we would be selling more than I would agree too!
IMG_0255 cropped-buffalo-cropped1.jpg
This is Relative man of the Ranch.
We currently have 5 of his babies and love every one!
I phone Dec 23 344
That Girl is A Cowboy 032
We are also home to many smaller four leggers, such as: pot bellies, cats & dogs.
BLOG photos 101 BLOG photos 047
Although we basically have full time jobs at home, Chad and I both work out of the home as well.
Chad works in the Oilfield as an Operator and I work as a Public Educator at the local Womens Shelter.
We spend a lot of time apart and even more time commuting.
In our “spare” time (I say that loosely as though its something we get often…HA) Chad and I both like to dapple in wood working.
Chad is an avid hunter and can be seen traveling around with his sidekick Rooster (our wheeler) on a regular basis.
I have an obsession with Junking and Re-doing things.
I also love to sew, read, dance, sing and hit up the local thrift shop.
I have a passion for alternative fashion and have a minor addiction to Pinterest and Weddings!
We both honestly agree that we are married to our best friend and are forever thankful for that.
Laurie I PHone March 2014 655
Our goal with this Blog is too make more young farmers aware of the trials and tribulations that they may have to face.
We hope that by sharing our not so “perfect” journey we can be a voice for the future.

With that being said WELCOME to our journey.
We are so happy your here!

If you have any questions or would like to be featured on Backwoods Buffalo for Young Farmer Fridays, feel free to email me @ or message us on

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