Reasons why Farming is Cool.

Today as it’s FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY….
I asked Chad to give me some reasons why HE thinks farming is COOL.
reasons why farming
For our farming community in case you wonder why in the heck you continue to work your butt off everyday. 

1. Being your own boss. “I do what I want.” (Okay so our farm is not big enough to sustain us yet… so we do have full-time jobs as well…but never fear, the day will come!)
2. Office. ummm…. or should I say lack of office. Simply the views that nature provides us with.
3. Dirt. A completely acceptable excuse to be dirty.
4. Knowledge. Continually gaining knowledge on all sorts of farm related topics.
5. Animals. Living. Breathing. Loving creatures that depend on you day in and day out.
6. Working towards building something that is all my own… AKA not building up someone else’s fortress.
7. Having something to pass down to our children… and our children’s children.
8. People. The farm community is like no other.
9. Growth. Getting to watch something you put your whole heart, blood, sweat & tears into grow.
10. Feelings of worth & job stability… so long as there is mouths to feed.

Happy Young Farmer Friday’s!
If you or someone you know is interested in being showcased on Backwoods Buffalo, feel free to contact me! or

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17 Comments on “Reasons why Farming is Cool.

  1. I love this! I grew up in rural Ohio and raised sheep. I think people have no concept of what all farming takes. (Our little farm was no where near the size of your 320 acre farm but I still believe there are the same life lessons & hard work involved). Thanks for sharing


    • Hey Lexi,

      Farming is not dependent on the size…rather the amount of heart put into it meeting a similar goal… to feed families 🙂 I wish we could have sheep, but Buffalo and sheep can spread disease to one another 😦 Thanks for your insights.
      Have a HAPPY Monday,



  2. So different than city life 🙂 I’m pretty jealous of your “office”, but it’s so neat to learn about life on a farm/ranch from your blog and others.


  3. Love this post! People sometimes have the wrong impression of what farming actually requires! I love living off the land and nothing is better than gaining food from the earth that you planted!!!


  4. I’ve always wanted to live on a farm or ranch. The suburban life just isn’t for me so I’m constantly dreaming of packing up my family and moving way out in the country! Looking forward to reading more about your farm life!


  5. My husband’s family have a pretty large, that used to be for growing tobacco, but now it’s for cattle. Farming had always fascinatd me, but once I saw how much work it took to keep a farm up and running I knew I would never be good at it haha. Thanks for sharing this! I love seeing how other people live.


    • The work never, ever stops. We always have a list of things to be done. It seems as soon as we cross one off, we add three more! A tobacco farm turned cattle Ranch sounds cool! I bet there is a lot of history there!

      Cheers- Laurie


  6. It’s one of my dreams to visit a ‘proper’ farm. I bet you enjoy the space and stillness.

    I want to wake up and smell the green landscape as I sip on coffee! And walk around to visit some horses and anything else that won’t scare me sh*teless! lol.

    My son loves animals and he loves to see them and touch them. So a farm that is home to some interesting animals would be great. In Australia this probably would mean one with a wombat, his favourite.


    • It definitely is a beautiful and most of the time peaceful way of life 🙂
      I would love to visit a farm that housed such animals as Wombats!!!
      If your ever in Alberta, I’m sure my horses would love a visit! They are not too scary:)

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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