Young Farmer Fridays

Introducing…. Drum Rolllllllllll!!!!!

Starting in January, we will be doing showcases on different farms/ranches & the lifestyles of those who own them.
This will give us insightsย on the everyday operations of many different types of farms/ranches.
As well as give the Farms that are showcased publicity and who doesn’t want to get the word out about their livestock, produce etc!
We would also be interested in learning about your journey working with FCC or AFSC.
This is an opportunity that I wish we would have been offered if we didn’t have our own resource.
We look so forward to growing & learning while empowering our fellow “Young Farmers”.
young farmerIf you or someone you know is interested in being showcased on Backwoods Buffalo
Please contact me @:

We look so forward to hearing from you!

Farm on.
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