Let it go.

Going into the New Year I am taking advice from an extremely influential person.
This person is our 3-year-old Niece Brielle.
She does one amazing rendition of “Let it go”.
As her sweet little princess dress was gracefully floating around the room and her soft voice was gently repeating the words “Let it go” at her Christmas performance she put on for her family,  I came to thinking “Brielle I’m going to do just that.”


Let negative people go.
Let petty grudges go.
Let busy schedules go.
Let extra stuff I don’t need go.
Let false beliefs go.
Let time not spent at home go.
Let unhappy moments go.
Let putting everyone else’s needs in front of my own go.
Let trying to be what everyone else wants go.
Let not following your HEART go.
Let thoughts that don’t make me feel empowered go.
Let caring what people think go.

Let it goThere are so many things to look forward too in 2015 that I am letting go of everything that doesn’t make me happy…period.

My goals for 2015 consist of:
1. Spending more time at home, enjoying it, living it. Spending time walking our land, with my animals and doing things that make me happy.
2. Saying “No“. I am the absolute worst for saying “Yes” to things to make others happy, even if it makes me miserable in the end. Also I have this really weird thing where if I say “No” I feel like I have to explain myself… An explanation is not needed Laurie…No is NO!
3. Drinking a lot more water and less beer. I’ll admit it I’m a sucker for an ice-cold Bud Light and it has really shown on my backside…LOL.
4. Let positive people into my life and rid some of the negative. Even just disregard negative attitudes. The choices I make in my life are just that…my choices. Get on with it 😉
5. Play more music and dance more. (For anyone that doesn’t know I attended a Professional Dance School for many years and quit to turn to music.) I absolutely love to dance as does Chad. We are two stepping legends… Okay maybe not legends but we ROCK 😉
6. Ride my horses even MORE! There is nothing to me on this planet that is more therapeutic than riding my horses. Jumping on the back of a horse can spin a really horrible day into a wonderful day.
7. Blog more…Big things are in store in this department. Also take more and better pictures.
8. Travel.
9. Follow my heart.
10. And lastly just love. Smile, laugh & love.

Thank-you for getting the notion into my head Brielle.

Now that I got that off my chest… How amazing is this rendition of Taylor Swifts songs…
I happen to be a crazed fan of Taylor Swift. Chad on the other hand is not sold.
I think this is amazing.
What has everybody been listening to lately? I need some new songs 🙂

Happy 2015
white signiture

4 Comments on “Let it go.

  1. I loved this! I particularly love singing the “let it go” verse every time my husband is ticked off that I moved something of his and forgot where I moved it to. It’s kind of mean, but mostly hilarious.

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