Every household has that one special member that holds everything together like a Cinch.
Our special member was in fact named Cinch and he did in deed hold everything together.
Cinch was the guy I turned to when I needed to shed some tears, needed a hug, or some kisses.
It didn’t matter what mood I was in, Cinch always made me smile and laugh.
Maybe it was the fact that he always had the biggest smile, or because of the way he ran on his injured leg.
He was just a funny, fun-loving guy.
He would do anything you asked.
Couldn’t catch the horses? He was always willing to play the wrangler.
Wanted to go for a walk but didn’t want to walk alone? Cinch would be by your side.
Had to go do chores in the dark? He would always make sure to protect you when the horses got a little crazy over their grain.
He was the first animal that Chad and I got together.
He made our family of two a family of three.
He was the chubbiest little puppy, his belly touched the ground as he wattled.
He lived with us at Chad’s parents place and then weathered the rental from hell.
It was when we moved to Backwoods that I promised Cinch “it would be his forever home.”
Forever home it is.
As we journey through the days without him, he will always be by my side in spirit.
430808_10150607046056112_1352837735_n 427339_10152547054115422_157156950_n 557044_10151985269960422_687129669_nCinch always looked out for his buddies.
Last winter I couldn’t find his bestie Bubba.
I was worried sick.
Cinch came running from down the road when I left for work and I was so mad at him.
It wasn’t until later that day that we realized that Cinch had been down the road, laying on top of Bubba to keep him warm, as he had gotten trapped in a snare on our property down by the river.
He was running towards me to let me know where his friend was.
That perfectly describes his personality, forever the caretaker.
He had the warmest eyes and the kindest heart.
404350_10151319602730422_1006534873_n 302474_10150854799495422_1806210441_n 319799_10151855359740422_1326833826_n 997997_10153002696695422_2002741328_n 10801808_10154963641405422_6373061133547712435_n Cinch 10380319_10154963641255422_1070376666957945998_nCinch wasn’t just an animal or my property, but my family.
He was my right hand man, my best friend.
I loved him more than anything, as I do all my animals.
My heart is forever broken with his passing and there are not enough tears or words in the world to explain how I feel right now.
I know he is smiling and wishing he could be with us at Backwoods right now.
Thanks for holding our family together in the hardest of times my dear friend.
Forever loved and never forgotten.
I’m so happy “all dogs go to heaven.”
Whomever has you to hold now is just as privileged as we were to have you in our lives.
Laurie and Chad062 10410737_10154963641355422_1396151690030265668_n 320779_10150772008795422_5705773_nEnjoy the pastures on the other side my friend.
Loving you.


18 Comments on “Cinch.

    • I completely agree.
      There are no words to describe how you actually feel about your animals and how much they mean to you. Such a devastating feeling.
      Sorry for your loss. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • I felt the exact same way about Cinch!
      It always seems like it will be easier when they go as an older dog, rather than something tragic. But in all reality its just never easy. Merry Christmas!


  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your fur-baby. Cinch sounds like he was an amazing dog and I have no doubt he’s still looking out for you 🙂


  2. We lost our Chocolate Lab/Mastiff mix last Christmas. I never knew how much I could love a dog until we had our ‘Ace’. They leave a big hole in our hearts when they go. Sounds like Cinch was quite a dog. =)


  3. I know exactly how you feel. We have 3 pups and I cannot imagine life without them. We lost our bird right before Christmas and I cried for days. It’s so tough!


    • Just like losing a member of your family. They come and go and it’s never easy regardless of what kind of animal they are. They are just so special. Condolences to your family, for your feathered friend.


  4. I’m so sorry for your loss! Sounds like Cinch was a great dog! I’m glad you have amazing memories of Cinch to last forever!


  5. What a gorgeous dog! So sorry for your loss. I had many pets growing up and they were always like another member of the family. 🙂 I hope to have a dog again someday, but for now my three kiddos are all I can handle! 🙂


  6. What a beautiful dog, and what a wonderful tribute. I am so sorry you lost him. Dogs are such a special part of our family. I hope your happy memories soon outweigh the grief. I’ll bet his up in Heaven with his Doggy Mama waiting for you!


  7. I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing a four-legged family member is a uniquely sad experience. I hope you take comfort in knowing that your love meant the world to him and you gave him a wonderful life 🙂


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