Backwoods Buffalo// Home of LCC Quarter Horses

For those of you who don’t know…
Backwoods Buffalo Ranch became the home of LCC Quarter Horses earlier this year.
I thought it would be cool to give you a peak into the past as to where these amazing animals come from.

downloadLamb Cattle Co. was founded in 1984 by Robert & Tammy Lamb out of Sandy Hook, MB.
1984 was also the year these two aspiring farmers were married.
It all started with 30 head of Purebred Herefords, many hours showing & judging Cattle shows and a lot of determination.
In the first six years of the development of LCC the couple lived in a small town called Stony Mountain, MB while boarding their animals at family and friends farms in hope to soon purchase their forever farm.
1989 was a big year as Rob and Tammy welcomed their first baby girl into their lives.
In 1990 the growing family purchased their forever farm in Sandy Hook, MB.
1990 is also the year LCC first introduced the Quarter Horse Division to the company.
Over the next few years LCC expanded the cattle herd with 30 Purebred Angus cows, 140 head of leased Black Cross and Charolais Cross commercial cows and 300 feeder steers.
In 1990 Rob created a flourishing rotational grazing system for the LCC cattle.
This rest and recovery method of pasture management  was recognized by the Manitoba Dept. of Agriculture and from there on tours of the pastures were conducted to explore this way of nourishment.
In 1991 the couples second baby girl arrived… if you haven’t already guessed…The baby was ME!
Laurie I PHone March 2014 1456
Throughout the years as the animals expanded so did the land.
When the couple first purchased their farm they owned 240 acres, which expanded into 880 acres and the rental of an additional quarter.
400 acres were used for Silaging and the rest was pastured, broken up into 8 acre paddocks for Rotational Grazing.
In 1996 the couples last baby girl arrived.
In 2002 Rob and Tammy decided to sell out of cows to focus on Robs CNC machining business, Precise Machine Technologies.
Selling the cows worked out in their favor as BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) or Mad Cow Disease hit Canada in 2003 plummeting the Beef market.
In October of 2003, companies that granted quotas to farmers for PMU (pregnant mares urine) production contracts started its first round of cuts by notifying PMU farmers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that they’ll be reducing the number of ranchers who produce the urine by one-third. Therefore making the horse market crash as well.
Horses were less expensive and even with the unfavorable circumstances we looked at this as an opportunity to continue growing our horse herd.
At the utmost maximum LCC Quarter Horses was home to over 100 Quarter Horses.
Rob slowly started reducing the herd to focus on the best bloodlines and horses with most potential.
Reducing the herd actually maximized the overall productivity of the herd in so many ways.
Our horses are bred to perform, with a solid mind and astronomical agility.
All three of us girls grew up riding horses and helped our Dad the best we could to help with breaking the colts.
In our latter years riding we always rode mares, because they had dual purpose.
In the fall of 2010 I took one of my Dads mares (Candy) to College in Alberta with me.
Candy 467211_10151391310740422_1578487815_oA few years previous Candy had a baby, she was broke but not seasoned.
Candy and I learned so much together throughout the two years.
This is where my passion and admiration for horses really developed into something more.
So in the Spring of 2014 when my Dad (Rob) called and asked if Chad and I would like the opportunity to build our horse herd by 9…We couldn’t refuse.
My parents traveled the horrible roads from Manitoba to Alberta with 9 horses on the trailer, six of which were pregnant.
The whole goal was to get them to Alberta before they foaled, and that they did.
In the end we not only grew our horse herd by nine, but gained my Dads top broodmare band which was over 20 years in the making; as well as the stud Relative.
My Dad kept numerous horses in Manitoba for themselves and foaled their last babies, one in which is named LCC Last Edition.
About a month into their new lives in Alberta the mares started foaling. This is when we realized a new Division of LCC was born.
Backwoods Buffalo Performance Horses, a Division of LCC Quarter Horses.
With pedigrees that are stacked with performers we cannot wait to witness the achievements these horses will endure throughout their lives.
We couldn’t be anymore thrilled to say we own a 2nd generation broodmare band.



Ps. If your looking for LCC Quarter Horses on Rodeo Classifieds its still there… but you will now be redirected to Backwoods Buffalo. Cheers.

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