In teaching others WE teach ourselves.

I believe that education is the key to a successful, sustainable life.
Monday through Friday I work on Educating youth in my community about Healthy Relationships, ultimately helping to decrease Violence in Relationships and putting an end to the cycle of violence.
Family Violence is something I am pretty knowledgeable about, I learn about it everyday at the Shelter.
Come 5 o’clock I head home to our farm where both Chad and I learn something new everyday.
We have had many a discussion with different local farmers on knowledge that they possess about farming that we do not know.
That right there is the key… That we DO NOT know.
We don’t know everything about our animals, our land, sustainability or growth.
Admitting it is the best possible thing young farmers can do for themselves… because it is there that knowledge is granted.
I’m always reading farm statistics and some of them are MIND BLOWING to say the least.
How about this one… in 2011 there were 293, 925 farm operators in Canada… 48.3% of those farmers were aged 55+
48.3% basically half of Canada’s farming community made up by individuals hoping to jump on the retirement train.
Also another big one is less than 1 out of 10 farms are run by someone under 40.
My question is…not about the future of farming but of the knowledge that will be lost if we as the young farmers do not try to conserve it.
Young Farmers and education are said to be the key to the revitalization and growth of “farmings” future.
I believe this is true with the addition that the knowledge from our Elders is also a crucial commodity.
We need to admit when we are wrong or do not know and look up to the people who have answers.
Young farmers everywhere are starting to do a great job of bringing  issues to the table and letting their new innovative voices be heard; however we need not take fore granted the knowledge that was brought into existence before us.
Not only “Young Farmers” but all farmers need to work together in order to sustain, maintain and gain this knowledge and further the undeniable passion felt by so many towards farming.
I watched this video on the website today.
A personal story of a very honest man named Dave Limpert.
He admits a time when himself and siblings didn’t know everything after their Father passed and in turn almost lost a 4th generation farm because of lack of education.
I decided to share this video because everything he talks about is SO real.
Educate.Educate. Educate.

Happy Tuesday from our forever growing knowledge base to yours.


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