Tablets VS. Timothy

Today I came across a website that literally made my stomach land in my throat.
It had one specific article that was basically trying to depict the future of farming and youth rodeo as being a joke.
While the websites main focus is on how children should be focusing on how the future lies in the hands of every god forsaken technological device.
I think we have a systemic problem throughout our nation.
“Come on” Toddlers with Tablets???
8 Year olds with iPhones???
What happened to having to work for the things you receive in life???
Every kid and their dog wants things, but there is the odd one who is actually willing to put the blood, sweat and tears into getting it.
Being “Farm Raised” and hauled down the “Rodeo Road” as a child helps you to have a philosophical understanding of the cycle of life & food production. Understanding and utmost respect for nature. Encourages therapeutic engagements with animals which bring feelings of ease and belonging. Farming/ranching/rodeo also distill such things as; values, independence, nurturing behaviors, self discovery, work ethic, inspiration, aspirations, creativity and effort. Not to mention a deep understanding of the food chain and appreciation for everything they eat!!!
That being said if you believe technology is a more beneficial educational tool, than farming/ranching or rodeo ask your kids iPhone what it taught them today???
Do us all a favor…remove the tablet from your toddlers hands and GO Thank a Farmer.
After all they are the only people YOU need 3 times a day.

Our children will be farm raised from the moment they take their first breath, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Here is an article by the New York Times that brings hope to the future of farming and rodeo, while helping to preserve our Western heritage.

Thank you to all who teach their children that the world is bigger than just the Tablet in the palm of their hands.
Deep Breath…
End Rant.
Happy Friday!!!


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