Mayberrys Ventures.

Sometimes in life you simply have to follow your arrow.
I have always loved fashion, more than my wallet has ever granted.
I am an avid thrift/bargain shopper and truly guarantee you that nothing in my closet or my home for that matter was paid full price for. When people compliment something I own, the usual response is “It was $2 bucks at the thrift.”
Knowing what to look for, where to find it, how to pair it with “NEW” things and scoring a serious bargain is something that makes me happy and ultimately proud.

Not to mention severely benefits our budget.

a950d0286984f1b277b79fc26b0b845fThis being said I love pairing the “OLD” and “NEW” together.
Sometimes buying the “new” just is not realistic for a young farm couple who have many much more important things to pay for like; animal feed, bedding, fencing supplies, a mortgage, various other bills and fuel.
In our generation with our group of friends many of us are in similar situations.
As I love helping people feel and look great even on a budget, I basically squealed when I was introduced to the idea of Mayberrys.
Mayberrys is a fabulous Canadian owned and operated company located out of Magrath, AB that specializes in the most fashionable leggings and many other fun clothing pieces that are sure to make a colorful addition to any wardrobe.
Becoming a Mayberrys consultant is helping me further my goal in helping not only myself but my friends, family and acquaintances feel and look great on a budget. By bringing the latest fashions right to their front door “Home Party Style”
it makes for a great outing for all who attend. Anything we have in stock that day can be purchased right there!!! No fuss, waiting or added charges.
Having the opportunity to be a part of something so fun is truly a privilege.
Not to mention it makes a new venture extremely psychologically rewarding when you have one of your best friends as your partner.
Rebecca (aka. Little Sister) and I are traveling this road together, helping Mayberrys fashions be available in both of our hometowns in Alberta and Manitoba.
10671256_1497941053792097_8229984376527604762_nMAYBERRYS BY LAURIE AND REBECCA

How do you style your leggings??? Fill us in!
5090c8d7e54f70ae95f4a28c21b973bc 10339220_350093568493766_6668665961785313616_o 1507577_1495173567402179_1126879841371840192_n 10155056_1497469370505932_7806003904546503650_n
Cheers to new adventures in life-
76fefd0fa2838ca50321e0da238bbfc5when opportunity arises snag it by the horns and go all in.
no matter what anyone has to say.

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