Happy Fall Ya’ll

Lately we have been extremely busy, trying to transition our lives and farm from summer to fall.
The weather is weird… NUFF SAID.
I literally don’t even know how to dress. In the mornings I leave for work in boots, leggings, sweaters and scarves and come home in the tank I had underneath it all. Also when I leave work in the afternoon I almost always have a hot flash when I get into my car with the heated seats and heat still on from the morning…. YUCK.
On another note Chad has his checkup on Monday and will hopefully be returning to work the following Wednesday! YAYYYY!
After three long months of being off due to his unfortunate injury, I’m sure it will be nice for him to have some normality back in his life. We will never understand the misfortune in this event but everything happens for a reason… makes a person grateful for every healthy day.
I thought since the seasons are changing I would share a few of my favorite things that make the transition into fall more enjoyable!
1. FLANNELS, Chad likes to refer to them as my lumberjack shirts…I’m okay with that. They are so comfy.

2. Pumpkins. Basically anything to do whereย pumpkins are involved is A-OK by me.
The thought of pumpkins reminds me of the monsters we would grow in my moms garden as children. They were literally so big that we would have to bring them in on a bed sheet.


3. Big CHUNKY, knit blankets.

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4. Thieves. If you do not have Thieves Essential Oil, Go Buy It.
Chad likes to refer to Thieves as my witch brew. He didn’t believe in it at all, until he was WHINY BABY BOY SICK. I rubbed it on his feet and now he uses it religiously. It’s amazing and a must have for cold season.


5. BIG CHUNKY Knit Sweaters. You can almost guarantee during the fall and winter that I will be found wearing a big wool sweater. It’s just the way it is.

6. AHH YES. So over two years ago I was introduced to Gold Canyon Candles. I was buying so many that I decided to become a consultant myself. If you want to know what heaven smells like order some of these babies. They are so pleasantly scented and last forever!!! Literally. This season is my favorite for Gold Canyon, so many yummy scents. My favorite right now is the Peaches and Pumpkins, but I also love Winter Chai and North Woods. Believe me I’m not biased just because I sell these beauties. Chad won’t let me burn anything else in our home.


7. I am so addicted to all the fall/winter soaps from Bath and Body, DELICIOUS.

8. Another big one is scarves. As a child my vocal coach didn’t want me outside at all in the fall/winter without something protecting my vocal chords and I suppose that habit just stuck.


9. Wool Socks. If I have to wear socks anytime of the year they are usually wool. I guess they are part of my fall staples because they are actually acceptable to wear in the fall. lol.



11. Chai is my favorite flavor of beverage, always has been. It’s also one of my all-time favorite scents as well.


11. The colors. I just love every color that is present in a fall color palette.


12. I love the views mixed with the colors of fall.
I phone Sept 26 146
I phone Sept 26 35013. I love when my horses start to get fluffy. There is nothing better than going in for a big hug of a snuggle and sinking your face into the softest feeling in the world. Not to mention breathing in the sweet scent of horse, crisp air and fallen leaves.
I phone Sept 26 086 I phone Sept 26 085 I phone Sept 26 082 I phone Sept 26 068
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy weekend, from our paradise to yours.
I phone Sept 26 061 I phone Sept 26 048~ Laur

ps. product photos are from Pinterest and all opinions are strictly my own.

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