To the Farm that Built me.

Chad and I finally visited the land of the lakes and flat land…otherwise known as Manitoba.
As you all know I am a home-grown Manitoban. I have grown accustomed to being 17 hours away from my family, friends and everything I once knew, but pulling into the driveway at my Mom and Dads it still feels like “HOME”.
This time our visit was extremely special, it was a time of a much-anticipated celebration.
My older Sister Coralee and her Hubby Dahlen received one of life’s most precious gifts on August 26, 2014.
This is what made this celebration nine months in the making, the arrival of sweet Elizabeth Dawn.
I am so thankful that I was able to experience the overwhelming joy and love at little Elizabeth’s baby shower.
Introducing Miss. Elizabeth
iphone sept 17 220 - CopyThe event took place at my parents farm and it was nothing short of amazing.
My Mama put her heart and soul into making the event as special as she could for her first-born Grandchild.
The ladies of the Lamb clan had many laughs preparing the food for the big day. As it turns out I was the only one who didn’t know how to make “fancy sandwiches”. I found out the hard way as my sisters asked “what the heck” I was doing as I was smacking the bread to flatten it… WHO KNEW!
Anyways… Here are some pictures from the shower.
iphone sept 17 290 - Copy iphone sept 17 293 - Copy iphone sept 17 289 - CopyTHE FOOD…Oh my goodness there was so much food.
I’m not sure I ever ate so much in my entire life…but it was delicious, even the smacked sandwiches.
iphone sept 17 296 - CopyThe clothesline pictured above, was created using vintage baby clothes that belonged to both Coralee and myself.
I’m not sure when we became vintage, but here we are 23 and 25… HO HUM.
The little outfit pictured on the far right, belonged to a very special friend of Coralee’s.
Her friends name is Brenda and she is a 25 year old Cabbage Patch Doll.
iphone sept 17 288 - CopyVintage tea cups and babies breath were a perfect touch.
iphone sept 17 285 - CopyInstead of shower games we created a “headband bar”, where everyone had the chance to create a headband for Elizabeth.
iphone sept 17 284 - CopyTwo of my favorite ladies Rebecca and Syd about to make a keepsake for Elizabeth.
iphone sept 17 304Uncle Chad and I gifted Elizabeth some pretty neat things but our favorites were:
This Chalk Board that I made for her room. With its galvanized chalk holders, flower hooks and vintage wall paper, I almost wanted to keep it for myself, but unfortunately my name isn’t Elizabeth.
iphone sept 17 226 - CopyAnd then there was the boots.
These little brown boots made four grown ladies cry and not for reasons you may think.
They made “US” cry because of the meaning.
The tiny little cowgirl in all of us, that learned to ride and cowboy many mere years before, was unleashed.
The memories that came flooding back in that specific moment as the boots were opened and the miles that these little boots would cover on tiny little feet making new memories was just so surreal.
We have grown and now it’s time for Elizabeth to walk the roads that her Mama and Aunties walked before her.
Go on little gypsy.

46c2445b4bfd2ec5617f425e09d83135Overall it was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people.
Like always our visit was too short to accomplish half the things we had hoped too, but it was great.
We were able to visit some very special human beings, attend a birthday celebration, go to a team roping, build a new barn door, partake in a little junkin’ and eat A LOT.
As we waved our final goodbyes and buckled down for the 17 hour drive, tears welled in my eyes like usual.
Tears of sadness, longing, confusion, joy and thankfulness.
Thankfulness for the farm and family that built me.
iphone sept 17 361
Until next time.


3 Comments on “To the Farm that Built me.

  1. Awww Laurie that is so special .. beautifully written … so much love …. Congrats from a Manitoba friend on becoming an Auntie of a beautiful little baby girl. I am sure I remember those itty bitty boots … yes, would bring a tear to one’s eye no doubt. Take care, my young friend and best of everything to you and your hubby and Cheers to your life in Alberta …


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