August Rush

Yesterday evening was spent doing a much-needed task.
We moved our two stud colts down to the south quarter so they could be with their new friend Gus (also a stud colt, Curts horse)
Then we moved all of the riding horses into a different portion of the south quarter.
Where they can eat down the plethora of the plains.

Sometimes doing a job that has been eating at you to get done, makes you feel so accomplished when your finished.

On another note it’s pretty sad when it’s the middle of August and you’re already getting animals situated into the places where they will stay for the long, cold months of our Alberta winters.


On another note I thought I would share some recently worked projects.
Horses 2014 I PHONE 113Horses 2014 I PHONE 114Horses 2014 I PHONE 118 Horses 2014 I PHONE 117Our good friends Sarah and Grant got married a couple of weeks ago.
I offered to help with some of their wedding decor.
Above is her ring bearer pillow, pretty darned cute.
Horses 2014 I PHONE 228 Horses 2014 I PHONE 229 Horses 2014 I PHONE 448 Horses 2014 I PHONE 450
Next was this window frame that I created with their first dance song lyrics and the date they were established.
You can see it above on their guest book table.
It’s a piece that they can keep for forever as a keepsake from their special day.
Horses 2014 I PHONE 445
I also created their card box from an old crate.
I made a lid for it and stained it to match the old rustic beauty of the crate.
Added a little bit of decor and TA DA!!! A cardbox.
Horses 2014 I PHONE 569

Congratulations Sarah and Grant we are so happy for you!

Next are a couple of projects that I finished up for our house and now have to find room for them…
Somehow I can always make room.
Horses 2014 I PHONE 258 Horses 2014 I PHONE 827
From window frame to a ranchin’ coat hook.
I’m very much in love with this little beauty.
Horses 2014 I PHONE 726 Horses 2014 I PHONE 725 Horses 2014 I PHONE 728


This was a thrift store find I couldn’t pass up.

For $5.00 a chair, I knew I could make these babies into something marvelous.
I purchased two but have only finished one so far.
I wanted one for the little house and one for our actual house.
The outcome is pretty unbelievable on this little beauty.
She was reborn.
Horses 2014 I PHONE 737 Horses 2014 I PHONE 733Shes now up for a buckin’ good time.
Happy Happy Happy.

We have come to an end, thanks for reading.
From our ranch to yours,


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