Heck Yes We DID!

It’s hard to believe an entire year has passed and how we have changed. We have been through many ups and downs & just grow closer together through everything. August 10, 2013 The best and craziest day of my life. The morning consisted of mimosas, hair, makeup, cowboy boots that wouldn’t go on my feet and runnning an hour late. It was the day I married my best friend and became the MRS. to my MR. 1233506_10151915394968338_1936525988_n Chad&Laurie072 Chad&Laurie076 Chad&Laurie183 Chad&Laurie211 Chad&Laurie210 1170715_10153140690360525_318158363_nAbove are all details of the WEDDING CHAPEL. It was my dream ceremony site, that was turned into a reality by my father in law. It even had saloon doors that swung both ways upon entering. My Hubs is so very handsome. Chad&Laurie073Chad and his wedding party waiting for the show to go on. Chad&Laurie079Chad and his wedding party waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Chads entourage came down the wedding chapel aisle to Kiss You There, Ronnie Dunn.

Chad&Laurie058My girls and I before we tried to put the boots on…Someone has a picture with three of my bridesmaids on top of me trying to yank em’ Chad&Laurie057 Chad&Laurie059My best friends are all so beautiful. Did I mention we had a massive wedding party? Chad&Laurie128We had the sweetest little entourage. Chad&Laurie111

Miranda Lambert’s Makin Plans was the song that led me down the aisle.

1150160_10151824134660460_1282647683_n (2)

Chad&Laurie127This is one of our little flower girl’s Dally. She danced up a storm all night long. Chad&Laurie130 We were so lucky to have family and friends (especially Lois Hunt) who leant us so many beautiful antique furniture pieces that we used throughout our special day for staging. Chad&Laurie153 You can see the handmade SALOON DOORS here 🙂 Chad&Laurie177Our Wedding Party. Kerry, Grant, Jesse, Cole, Riley, Clayton, Curt, Zar, CHAD & LAURIE, Chels, Coralee, Courtney, Bec, Skyler, Britt, Jess, Syd & Kelc. Chad&Laurie214It’s hard to tell but there is a church pew beneath us… lol Chad&Laurie215 We have the most supportive loving family in the world. Bec, Cor, My Dad Rob, My Mom Tammy, Chads Mom Corinne, Chads Dad Les, Riley.

Chad&Laurie221Chad&Laurie226 Chad&Laurie235Our wedding day was the hottest day of the summer.


There was a whole lotta’ lace and cowboy boots.

Chad&Laurie243Lots of laughs and silly moments.

Chad&Laurie274One very beautiful olde barn.

Chad&Laurie272 Lots of smooches.


An old wonderfully junky house.


There was homemade honey, from my brother in-laws bees.



There were antlers, wood, wine & a candy bar. Chad&Laurie291 Chad&Laurie292 Chad&Laurie296 Chad&Laurie298 Chad&Laurie319 Chad&Laurie323

Chad&Laurie322 There was the most perfect cake, made by Chad’s cousin Britt.


There were drinks with best friends. Chad&Laurie390

& the most hilarious speech.



I would like to start off by Thanking my new Husband, “Chad Thank you ever so much for showing up today!” I’m actually surprised that I’m standing here beside Chad today, because I always hoped mine would be an arranged marriage… but unfortunately Jason Aldean wasn’t as keen on the idea.  No but seriously. From the moment I got off the plane at Edmonton International Airport, Chad’s family and friends have taken me in as one of their own. Little did they know that after that first visit, I would return for school… and NEVER LEAVE.  Les, Corinne and Riley made a lot of adjustments to their normal life when a GIRL moved in, at times I think Les didn’t know how to handle two women in the house at one time, but adjusted easily after realizing that this crazy horse riding, antique loving, furniture redoing country girl would soon become one of his favorite beer drinking buddies and he would become my favorite back seat driver.  Corinne took me under her wing just like the daughter she (couldn’t turn Riley into?)Never had… teaching me how to cook all of her baby boy Chad’s favorite recipes so he wouldn’t starve if I ever succeeded at getting him to move out of her house.  Corinne is a kind hearted woman always putting everyone else before herself; she is the person who fills the spot Mama Trigg in my phone contacts. Riley being the baby soon became irate at the realization that his parents would do as much for me as they did him, personally I just think he was upset that my bins of shoes and clothes got a bigger room then him. Still to this day he doesn’t like when we joke that Chad and I are moving back in, apparently he’s content with his room that’s now bigger then a shoebox.  In all seriousness Riley, I never had the opportunity to have a brother, but then three years ago I was blessed with you. The most kind, loving and generous brother a girl could ever ask for. I would like to thank you guys for putting up with my constant new wedding projects and turning my plans into reality, without Les’s patience, tools, new found love for wedding planning and the ability of not being able to say NO to me, half of the things you see today wouldn’t have happened.    I would like to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done not only for Chad and I but Candy and Cinch too! Thank you for always being there and for raising the man of my dreams.

Now for my wonderful parents, 22 years ago you were blessed with the most amazing gift, a doe eyed, and dark haired squirming little girl. Don’t let those characteristics fool you; I was by no means a cute new born. Thankfully I grew out of the forceps deformities. Thanks for enduring the labor Mom, wasn’t it worth it? Throughout my years at home I was nothing but a menace to my parents, my dad even said to me a couple years ago, “man am I glad you grew out of that faze Laur, your actually human again.” Got to love him, for always telling the truth. My dad has always been my rock, pushing us to do the best we possibly could for ourselves. Sometimes pushing so hard that I’d push back, resulting in a spanking…He didn’t like it very much when I would tardily turn around and snicker “that didn’t hurt” I soon learned that maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing to say. My dad was always my savior, financially, emotionally and physically.  My Dad is the man that taught me how to drive a tractor, play guitar, ride a horse, throw a rope, drive a truck, run a CNC machine, and to always get back on my horse when I fell off, cause after all cowgirls don’t cry. But there’s more than that, my dad also taught me to work for everything and appreciate things, he taught me responsibility, respect and love. He gave us opportunities that most children never have the chance to endure their entire lives. My dad is my first love and my hero. So you may be thinking what kind of parents let their daughter get on a plane to go see a boy two provinces away that she’s only met once?  Well… MINE. And not very willingly I might add. . “Laurie you call me as soon as you get off that plane, they could snatch you off the plane and drag you out to some bush…etc etc” You know how moms are. My mom is the person I aspire to be like most. She completes everything she does in her life whole heartedly and genuinely, this including the way she raised her three girls. My mom homeschooled us for many years, so that we could fulfill our dreams of being in almost every extra -curricular activity possible. She spent almost every day being the chauffeur as Rebecca and I danced at a professional ballet school in Winnipeg, 4-6 days a week for years.  Somehow even with all of the dance we also cumulatively managed to, take guitar, voice, piano, violin, and swimming lessons as well as curled, barrel raced, and performed in many talent shows.  Let’s just be honest she’s super mom. And we didn’t just love her for driving us around, but because she instilled compassion, honesty, acceptance, balance, and open mindedness into each of us.  As well passed on her willingness to love with her whole heart onto me, and sometimes Coralee and sometimes even Rebecca.

{That’s where they come in, if you don’t understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time… you’re probably an only child. Our family never did have a meal altogether at the dinner table, because it would only take about two minutes for one of us sisters  to do something resulting in thrown food and slamming doors…. I smile each and every day that I have these two amazing sisters, and I laugh because there is nothing they can do about it. Rebecca always knew how much I loved her, because I would constantly give her my old clothes and have to go out and buy new ones.  How generous of me I know!  And then there’s Cor, I have never visited more ditches or walked more miles than when catching a ride with Cor. At the end of the day even with our differences if someone tries to get between any of us, we will turn on you like a pack of wolves, especially if what your doing has anything to do with feathers, frogs or potatoes. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. I love and appreciate you both ever so much.

I would also like to mention that before moving to Alberta I wasn’t an aunty to anyone, but moving here I have acquired 7 nieces and Nephews. I would just like to thank their Mama’s Alicia, Jess, Trina and Court for doing the hard work of birthing them, and letting me take them under my wing with the understanding that no matter the length of time I WILL be giving them back at the end of the day. I love all of your children as though they were my own blood.

 Now we would just like to take a moment to thank the army that helped with our special day!

{To OUR wedding party and their significant others thank you ever so much for everything; you are literally the best and craziest wedding party we could have asked for. To Nick and Alicia for Emceeing tonight, to the rochfort colony for the amazing meal, Nadine Richards for being the life of the party, to Denise Legeas for marrying us on this beautiful day, to Christina for capturing all of the little things, to our cousin Britt for making our gorgeous cake, to Dahlen for making the honey for our favors and to mom and cor for putting them together and last but not least all of our family and friends who traveled near and far to be here to celebrate with us today. }

I mainly gave the speech today because Chad openly admitted his portion would never live up to mine. Let’s raise a glass to our two sets of parents for raising the two coolest kids ever, may the tunes keep going and the booze start a flowin, in the words of my Auntie Erin who couldn’t be here today, TO THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!



We couldn’t have imagined a better day, or better to people to celebrate with. Thank you to all who made our day so special. With all of our love,

~ Laur

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