Life as we know it.

On our property we have the cutest little guest house.
It is fully tiled, has a big glass sliding door and a ton of natural light.
It is currently where people stay when they come to visit.
BUT I have much bigger plans for that cute little space.
I’m fixin’ to take a deep breath and make time for my passion.
It seems lately that I’ve been as a busy as a cat on a hot tin roof.


On the weekend Chad, his Grandma and our friend Sam, helped me to put up my beam.
It helps to divide the room and actually makes the room look so much bigger.
I couldn’t love it anymore.
Life as We Know It. 004It’s a rustic beauty straight from our sawmill.
Life as We Know It. 003 Life as We Know It. 002 Life as We Know It. 005The whole room has been transformed.
It is a shabby chic, rustic, junky heaven.
It’s also super clean and organized…I reckon’ you know I’m fibbin.
In all actuality it currently looks like this…
Life as We Know It. 006Not so bad… An old beauty of a door perched right inside the slider, with a heeler taking in the view.
…I’m just gonna let ‘er buck.
Life as We Know It. 021Life as We Know It. 022Life as We Know It. 026Life as We Know It. 019Life as We Know It. 010Life as We Know It. 029There are chippy windows, crates, old doors, bottles, slabs of wood, suitcases, furniture & chalk boards.
There are also totes and totes of lace, wine glasses & vintage sheets.
Soon you will understand why my “little house” looks like this.
Bigger and better things are coming with the help of my right hand gal Tanya.

All in all this junkified mess makes me happier than a tornado in a trailer park.

From my super clean, organized “little house” to yours,


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