Buffalo Ventures

It’s been awhile… BUT we have been extremely busy.
Busy tackling a miniscule amount of the always evolving list of things that need to be done in months when there is no snow… We don’t have many of those months in northern Alberta. We must utilize them to their full potential.
This week Shine received a new friend, her name is Kaleesi. We are also hoping to get our goat pen built this weekend and Hondo’s new lady friend should be arriving as well.
Buffalo Ventures 013Introductions.
Buffalo Ventures 014For those of you that don’t know we bought our ranch in October of last year.
Our ranch was a fully set up buffalo ranch.
When we bought it we had every intent of getting cows and bringing some horses from Manitoba.
NEVER did I imagine or want buffalo.
Chad mentioned that we may as well try raising buffalo as we already had all the fences and the handling system.
I am stubborn and don’t necessarily like my plans changed.
I wanted to work cattle on my horses not BUFFALO.
Buffalo Ventures 018
Now 9 months later I am so HAPPY I let Chad follow his endeavor.
His endeavor became OUR endeavor.
Having the buffalo has changed our lives and given us a completely new perspective on farming.
Buffalo Ventures 015With Chad working away for many of the winter months, the buffalo make my life as a rancher who also has a full-time job very easy.
If we had cattle my life would be a lot more hectic.
The buffalo are such a natural self-sustaining animal.
If they have trouble calving there is really nothing you can do for them, nature plays a huge role in the life of a buffalo. We will only be handling our buffalo once a year in the fall to separate the calves, other than that they roam free.
Buffalo Ventures 012Cows eat a significant amount more than buffalo.
When we got our 10 buffalo in February, we strategically placed 18 bales throughout our south quarter, and opened gates for them as they ate them down.
Kind of like rotational grazing but in the winter on bales. haha.
That way when Chad was away I didn’t have to worry about moving bales etc.
We currently have 5 bales still sitting out there… You do the math.
They prefer grass and as soon as it peaked out they were NOT eating bales.
They do however throughly enjoy their salt and mineral trough.
Buffalo Ventures 019They may not be the cuddly pet that most people would prefer to have but that’s the reality they are not pets…They are FOOD.
They are food that is getting raised in the most natural, stress-free environment imaginable.
We cannot be more excited to eventually provide our household with meat that we fully know the source of.
We will have more information on our animals on the Buffalo page soon.
They are the most majestic animal and are very easy on the eyes if I do say so myself.
Buffalo Ventures 017
Our ranch always welcomes guests who would like to take in the natural beauty of our creatures.
Feel free to stop on by’

Today and everyday I am very thankful for Buffalo & for a husband that sometimes has good ideas.
From Our Ranch to Yours, Happy Thursday.


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