Pausing Paradise

When we think of farming and our incredibly blessed life, accidents somehow never come to mind.
This week has been a hard one, with many a lesson learned.
We had our first farming “accident” when Chad got smashed in the face with a panel, while moving horses last week.
After many hospital trips,x-rays and t-3’s, he finally goes in for surgery tomorrow to fix the minimum five broken bones in his cheek and crushed eye socket.
It’s never easy when you watch your rock crumble and have to use all the power within yourself to keep on keepin’ on.
I would like to thank our amazing friends Tanya and Curt for being so supportive all week-long and to our Mayerthorpe family for standing by our sides.
Also I would like to send out a massive THANK YOU to my Mama who drove through hell and high water to be by my side through this emotional roller coaster.

Pausing Paradise 029

For once in my life, I’m asking for prayers while we pause paradise. Pray that everything goes smoothly and Chad will soon be on the road to recovery.

From Our Sunset to Yours,


2 Comments on “Pausing Paradise

  1. Hey it’s Shelby. I was across the room at the Royal Alex when Chad was there. Chad you are so lucky that you only got hit in the eye. You are still alive, and it could have been a lot worse. You pushed through at the hospital and I thank you for that. It made my time there fly. So glad I was able to have you as a roommate and hear your story.


    • Hi Shelby,

      Thank You for your kind words. Having roommates like you made Chad’s wait much more bearable. He sure liked to tell me about how he was bugging you guys about “going for runs”. We hope you have a pleasant recovery. All the best to you and your family. Take Care,



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