A tribute to the people that became “OUR FAMILY”

It all started with the best decision I have ever made in my life.
The decision to attend Lakeland College in Vermilion, AB.
Rodeo team, the program I wanted to take and the cowboy I was chasing.
Little did I know that after spending two years at Lakeland I would leave there with the most amazing memories, a fiance and the best group of friends anyone could ever ask for.

This past weekend Chad and I traveled to Vermilion to celebrate the joining of two very special people.
My amazing boss and friend throughout my two college years and her sweetheart Dave.

Where I come from 107I never once in my life thought I would have the opportunity to witness Bobbi in a dress.
I am so glad I did because she looked absolutely stunning. Congratulations you love birds, thank you for getting the crew together again.

Between our group of friends that met in Vermilion, there have been many tears shed, many secrets told, many drunken nights, followed by many hang overs, many borrowed horses, many laughs, many sing a-longs and most of all many memories made.
Our group of friends are truly the people who everyone wishes they could be surrounded by.
They are the people who give you butterflies in your tummy when your close to arriving at wherever you are all meeting, because you are so excited to laugh all night at absolutely nothing at all.
I have no idea what I would do without these unbelievable people, they are the people I turn to in times when I’m in need of a good laugh or someone to cry too. Many of us are miles away from each other but that doesn’t change a single thing, because we all continue to grow individually without growing apart.
They are truly the family that Chad and I both were able to choose.

We asked our friends to think of a list of memories that we endured at Lakeland College….unfortunately some suggestions were not appropriate… but we will fill you in on the milder ones.
1. I’m still in Vermilion…
2. Getting fat… how did that happen?
3. Dating a 30 year old…lol.
4. Tay almost getting arrested for stealing a pylon.
5. Tay cracking a beer in front of the cops.
6. Taking all of our mattresses and making a giant bed for movie days.
7.Laur hiding in random places all the time to scare anybody who dared come near… I’m sorry Jess.
8. Partying with a cop.
9. Becoming crucial members of the “Zoo Crew”.
10. Many a runaway on a horse.
11. Cooking pasta at 3 a.m.
12. Sharing EVERYTHING.
13. Falling asleep in the closet after being put in time out.
14. Loosing an I.D in some guys truck.
15.Having 3 husbands without even having a boyfriend?
16. Working in a bar.
17. People being scared of us because we worked at The Zoo.
18. Always being VIP.
19. Casually riding horses bareback double at night.
20. Riding horses through A&W drive through.
21. Making some sort of concoction in a horse water bucket and serving it too people at Chel’s Birthday party.
22. Sky getting the name MAMA Sky.
23. Everyone being scared of MAMA Sky.
24. Having two of the coolest “gingers” in our group.
25. Interviewing Britt for counseling class and she dressed up like a freckled Zebra…
26. Running from security 3 times the first day of college.
27. Running Chels’s car into the back of a truck…while trying to close the back door from the driver’s seat.
28. Watching 8 seconds 8475265764346503756 times.
29. Toga and NO pants parties.
30. Using frozen bananas as ice packs in a backpack on a really hot day.
31. Beer and Clam being the best breakfast food.
32. Laur chasing Shayne because he stole her meatballs from Aunty Patti.
33. The nicknames “Bully” and “Tattle Tale”
34. Having random objects turn up in your room after Chad and Jess hung out for a night, while everyone else worked.
35. Staying up til 7 a.m. after work, watching intervention Canada when we had class at 8.
36. Never being able to scare Laur back.
37. Finding random Texans after PBR. Partying with said Texan.
38. Having someone literally PEE in your garbage can…
39. Fighting over who would wake Laur up.
40. Arguing over who would have to try to take Laur’s boots off.
41. Coming home from the bar with more money than you went with….
42. Tay looking like a pirate and spending mass hours in the ER.
43. Hating telling the ER staff that you were a college kid, because they hated college kids.
44. Meditation parties.
45. Not knowing which clothes actually belonged to you.
46. Face planting hard after getting ripped out of a tube behind the ski-doo.
47. Everyone thinking you were hung over in class when really you worked til 3 a.m.
48. 5 cent candy and vodka slushies.
49. Fridge staple… RANCH dressing.
50. Not knowing who actually lived at Delta 101B? WHO DID?
51. When Stella was always windy with all her windows rolled up.
52. Chad trying to offer Sky pizza in the middle of the night. Sky sitting up yelling at Chad that she already had pizza… when she didn’t.
53. Sky chasing people with a frying pan.
54. Aydons barrel racing impersonations.
55. 20 people scattering from a table and hiding for fear that it was campus security… Sheesh that Monty Phillips is scary.
56. Getting attacked with a pineapple.
57. The best sing alongs.
58. Finding a bike… Riding that bike.
59. Family breakfasts.
60. Getting to the rodeo no matter what.
61. Sleeping in a horse trailer at a rodeo when it was -40 to save money…propane runs out.
62. Lloyd Trips.
63. Taking in the bottles to buy more beer.
64. Giggle fits….. HAHAHA.
65. Fun rodeos, PBR and dancing til we blistered.
66. Adopting people into our family.
67. Lending each other money so we had someone to party with.
68. First Fog-Cutter hang overs.
69. Not wanting to leave each other during holidays.
70.Rodeo always came first.
71. Being each others cheering section at every rodeo.
72 Becoming a family.

Number 72. sums us up perfectly.
We became a family.
Some of us found the loves our lives.
And for some it wasn’t easy joining our group… HEY AYDON?
We are all in the family for different unique reasons and without any one of us we wouldn’t be who we are today.
We are sisters, brothers and ultimately WE ARE BEST FRIENDS.
We are the DELTA 101B Family.
I love these people with my entire heart and am thankful for them everyday.
I never thought I would be thankful for the never-ending student loan… but I am, because all of these people made it worth it.
I cannot wait for the next wedding.. HURRY UP AYDON AND JORD 🙂

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