Dance Baby Dance

This weekend was one for the books.
A proposal out at the farm, a family bonfire, branding, father’s day and one happy stud.

Thursday night Chad and I worked around home, I finally finished our laundry room makeover.
These are my People 142
This beauty, was a little rough around the edges, but low and behold turned out beautifully.
These are my People 143 These are my People 145 These are my People 146
Sunshiny Yellow makes doing laundry a lot happier.

Friday we headed out to Chad’s parents place to celebrate the joining of two very special people.
We couldn’t be happier for Chad’s cousin Nick, his fiance Jess and their little cutie Cohen.
These are my People 149 These are my People 150
Such a Handsome little man.
Friday night all of the cousins got together for a bonfire or as our Niece Brielle call’s it camping, out at our ranch.
Saturday morning we loaded up our ponies and headed back to Chad’s parents for THEE branding.
These are my People 064These are my People 001 These are my People 007These are my People 025  These are my People 014
These are my People 017 These are my People 019  These are my People 029 These are my People 031 These are my People 037 These are my People 038
These are my People 043 These are my People 045 These are my People 056 These are my People 058   These are my People 068 These are my People 077 These are my People 080 These are my People 062  These are my People 097 These are my People 100These are my People 118 These are my People 084These are my People 122
 These are my People 135 These are my People 139
It was an absolutely sweltering day. Everything turned out great with not a single wreck.
After we were done all the work, Chad’s Dad and I raced our horses in the field.
Theres nothing like having tears roll down your face,your hair blowing in the wind and a shit eatin’ grin on your face as you come flying through the field.
My little mare is a superstar.These are my People 002
Sunday Chad and I kicked around home.
We gave our Stud the best fathers day gift we could.
We brushed him out so he was sparkling for his debut of the year.
He got re-introduced to all the single ladies 😉
These are my People 152
Being two provinces away from your family is really hard at times. You miss out on a lot of memories.
This fathers day I was with my Dad in spirit.
(from our wedding speech)
“My dad is and always was my savior, financially, emotionally and physically. My Dad is the man who taught me how to drive a tractor, play guitar, ride a horse, throw a rope, drive a truck, run a CNC machine, and to always get back on my horses if I fell off. He taught me that cowgirls don’t cry. But there’s more than that, my Dad also taught me to work hard for everything and appreciate things, he taught me responsibility, respect and love. He taught me how women are supposed to be treated. He gave us opportunities that most children never have the chance to endure their entire lives. My dad is my first love and my hero.”

At our wedding my father daughter dance song was Chris Cagles “Dance Baby Dance.

This song is very dear to my heart and always reminds me of my first true love.
It reminds me of when I left for school for the first time at five and the last time at 19.
Everytime I need a piece of home I’ll listen to it and with tears rolling down my cheeks, I’m thankful for the life I was blessed with.
Thank you for always believing in me, for always giving me great horses & for letting me follow my dreams.
With all of my being, I love you Dad, more than you will ever know.
Chad&Laurie042 Chad&Laurie056  Chad&Laurie115Chad&Laurie116
Chad&Laurie345 Chad&Laurie360 Chad&Laurie403
With all of my love, until next time.
~ Laur

photography by: Beaver Roo Photography

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