Mama’s Please Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.

Waylon and Willie once said in the words of Ed Bruce, that “mamas shouldn’t let their babies grow up to be cowboys, they aren’t easy to love and their harder to hold.”
Frankly I hope more mamas let their babies grow up to be cowboys and as for holdin’ em?
Some of the best cowboy’s are girls. Besides trying to hold a cowboy would be much like trying to barrel race a buffalo… Impossible, maybe?

I would much rather be roundin’ up cattle with the boys than folding the 3 billion loads of laundry that are awaiting me to tackle them.

This past weekend we did not accomplish anything at home.
We didn’t accomplish anything because we went to TWO brandings.
I am completely OKAY with that.
Memory building means more to me than having clean ginch… almost 😉
However our lack of time spent at the ponderosa this weekend is now kicking us in the arse as the week progresses. Lots of late nights and early mornings.
Everything NEEEEEEDS to be done by the weekend.
Because theres another branding.

The Trigg Family Branding.
Can you sense my excitement?

Here are some captured memories from this past weekend.

More Branding 007
My mare Candy, before she got down and dirty.

More Branding 009

But First…Let us take a Selfie.

More Branding 012 More Branding 015

Dang that little mare can work. I think I’ll keep her 😉

More Branding 021

Thank god he’s a cowboy.

More Branding 024 More Branding 022


More Branding 023 More Branding 027 More Branding 030 More Branding 031 More Branding 033 More Branding 034 More Branding 036 More Branding 039

Coolest Dog, besides mine.  Hands down.

More Branding 042 More Branding 043 More Branding 044 More Branding 046 More Branding 049 More Branding 050 More Branding 054 More Branding 061 More Branding 068More Branding 063 More Branding 069

It was a phenomenal weekend of branding.
We met new friends and reconnected with old ones.
When we arrived home Sunday night we even received a special reward for all of our hard work. Baby numero 4.

 More Branding 082 More Branding 083 More Branding 073

Thank God Mama’s let their babies be Cowboy’s & Cowgirl’s.
From our Dirt Road to Your’s. Happy Wednesday.


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