“Something Olde”

As the whirlwind of wedding season approaches us, it gave me an idea to post on a few very special details of the best day of our lives thus far.
Special details that no one besides a very select few knew the meaning of.

I put a lot of thought into choosing items that were very dear to my loved ones and my own heart for my “something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

It all started with these “Olde, Borrowed & Beautiful”
My beautiful Mother’s pearls.
She was given these by her late Grandmother, who is my Great Grandmother Jennie Mae Pett.
Grandma Pett was long ago given them as a gift, and presented them to my Mom to wear when she wed my Dad.
I had the honour of getting to wear them on my special day, as did my beautiful big sister Coralee a month later as she married her best friend Dahlen.
Something Olde

(I had my little sissy take a sneak picture of this while my parents were at a rodeo. Thanks Bec!)
My Mom and Dad are still happily married after 30, yes 30 YEARS!

bove is my gorgeous big sister.
Cor is an inspiring woman.
She has the biggest heart and can make anybody smile.
Coralee is one of my best friends, and soon to be mother of my very first niece or nephew.
Words can’not explain how excited I am, but thats a tale for a different time.
Last but not least a picture of myself on our big day, wearing the dear to my heart pearls that once laid upon many a beautiful souls chest.
Thank you Mom.

Next is my something “BLUE”
I wanted something different. Something no one I knew has had before.
I came up with the idea to sew something into my dress.
I wanted something from Chads side of the family to be carried with me, while I walked into the “LOVE CHAPEL” (more on the chapel later) to marry my best friend.
Chad’s Grandmother Myrna does amazing needlework.
I originally wanted to sew something directly into my dress, but Grandma insisted she would mess it up. I knew she wouldn’t as I already said before her work is beautiful; however there is just no arguing with Grandma Myrna.
She created the most dear to my heart, filled with love, hand stitched item.
She insisted I didn’t have to use it, little did she know how much it touched me that she was willing to make it for me.
It was EXACTLY as I had imagined.
Low and behold my “something BLUE.”
My something blue is going to be stitched into the quilt my Mom made me for my shower gift, where it will be with me every night.

Last but certainly not least, my something new.
My Dress.
Thee Dress.
The Dress that made my Mom, Chads Mom, my Big Sissy & myself cry.
I was so thrilled that my family and Chads Mom Corinne could be with me to search for this lacey, chic beauty.
It made all of my dreams come true.

In conclusion…
If you are getting married this summer, CONGRATULATIONS.
Take time to think of your “something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”
You will be thankful.
Take a deep breath and enjoy the little things on your big day because it will be over before you’ve even realized it began.
And one last thing.
Smile so much your face hurts, for you never know when someone is snapping a picture of you.

Just like the little sneaker Bec…
This is the culprit I’m talking about… Gorgeous right?

Happy Wedding Planning from Our “Best Day Ever” to Your’s.


photos by: Beaver Roo Photography, Linen & Lace Photography and Cayli Hunt.

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