“Bad Moose Chaser”

What an out of the ordinary evening we experienced last night.

All I can say is WOW!!!

First of all I pull in the driveway to find out a massive wind storm has gone through our yard.
Our friend Curt came over to point out the new horizontal tree decoration we have to the south of the house, after he already concluded playing “Marco polo” with some of our fire pit chairs, that ended up in the neighbors field.

After learning of that fiasco, Chad called and needed me to meet him back in town with his gas tank key… “Hey Chad remember how you tell me that if I was more organized i wouldn’t lose and/or forget things….;) Just saying.”

On the way to the gas station someone sent me a picture of a Bison running down the road in our area… all I could think was “Great! There’s a tree down on the fence, now we’re going on a Buffalo hunt.”
I quickly called my go to guy… Curt. who started checking fences before Chad and I got home.
(I have no idea what I would do without these two amazing neighbors/friends/family in my life.)


Chad walked through the bush to chase the Bison out, while Curt and I stood watch to count them one by one as they ran out.  We came to the conclusion that all bison were accounted for with NO BROKEN FENCE!
All was good in the world of our animals…Except…

A teenie tiny baby moose.
Whose mama birthed him inside our buffalo fence and then jumped over while we were having the bison rodeo.
The baby was trying so utterly hard to get through the fence to his mama, with no such luck.

Chad decided that he was going to chase the babe to the gate and Curt and I would wait to swing the gate open when it came close… All I knew was… I wasn’t standing on foot waiting to open a gate while the mother moose was not a happy lady on the other side.
So…that plan didn’t end up working, the baby moose ran the other way very fast.
Very fast with one not usually so fast Mr. Trigg on its tail.
I’ve got to say that was pretty amusing.
I’m still laughing.

The boy’s ended up cornering the baby moose, caught it, and set it in the box of the truck.
With both boys and a not so happy baby moose in the box, I headed to the gate.
(I got to drive Curt and Tanya’s new truck…Sigh, so nice.)
We ended up releasing the babe back into the wild to his Mama.
Now hopefully we won’t have any more Mama’s eyeing up the pristine birthing grounds inside the buffalo fence, it’s a pain in the BUTT getting them out of there!

bad moose chaser 003 bad moose chaser 004

All in all it was an eventful night full of memory making with a great friend.

Each of us left the field with something new… For Curt it was a newly muddy truck. For Chad it was a moonshine jug he found in the bush, and for me, a new name.

“Bad Moose Chaser.”

bad moose chaser 008 bad moose chaser 009

From inside our Buffalo fence to yours, happy moose chasing.


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