She’s a Roamer’

    Whilst living my college dream, I met one of the most amazing girls. A beautiful, talented native girl originating from B.C.

She quickly became one of my best college friends. There were many nights and many days where we experienced some of the most memorable times of our lives.

After a couple months she told me “Laur I’m going to Texas to meet this guy I’m crazy about.” I tried to convince her to stay but there is no convincing this chick of anything. So after many late night phone calls where we “haaaaaad to listen to his Texan accent” she went. Not long after that I got really sick and had to take some time off school and lived with Chad and his parents. My girlfriend had the most amazing time of her life and came home with smiling eyes.

Not long after whilst I was in Thorpe , I heard of my girlfriend munching on pickles from anyone’s fridge who contained them….

…you guessed it.


I am so thankful my friend Felicia never listened to me. This little girl is the apple of my eye. A spitting image of her mama and her daddy. They get to visit us once a year whilst her daddy is riding bulls in northern Alberta.

Amelia is absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t be more proud of the family my friend has created. We are so blessed to have these annual visits. Thorpe really needs more of Texas. Our doors are always open to anyone on the rodeo trail, and this is a perfect example. We may not be blood but we’re family. We never know where you are Poncho, Felicia and Amelia, but were thankful when your hearts and tires roam to our front door.




There is ALWAYS the best conversations around bonfire, this one is an international one.

Good luck tomorrow Poncho, ride as hard as you strum the GEEETARRRR!

Open your door to those that are along the rodeo trail fore their keeping the roaming’ spirit alive.

From our bonfire to yours once again,


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