Business Attire to Ripped Jeans & Muck Boots

Story of my life right there… as most of you know I’m the Ranch Wife that also works in town. I have a Monday to Friday job working at the local women’s shelter. I recently switched into a new position as a Public Education Facilitator. My new role consists of educating the community about domestic violence through teaching two seperate courses in the surrounding communities about healthy youth relationships (grade 8) and hands are not for hitting (grade 2). From 9-5 Monday through Friday you can expect to see me professionaly dressed and in work mode. The 35 minute drive home helps me unwind from the sometimes draining days. The first thing I do when I walk through our door is strip off the jewelry and dress pants and tug on my muck boots and ripped jeans. I then go outside to check on my animals, breathe in the fresh air and think about how happy I am to be home. From the moment I walk through the door to the time the sun goes down we’re always working on creating; building; fixing; cooking, or cleaning something.

The sparking of the fire and the smell of burning embers is what we bask in most throughout the evenings. That’s when the exhaustion of the day is dissipated with conversation. With our busy lifestyle its commonly one of the only conversations Chad and I will have in day.   Anyone that know’s Chad well, will know that he is some form of a pyro when it come’s to bonfires…he just cant leave them alone. This makes me happy fore because he loves them so much we are always out at the pit. The pit is where the best conversations happen.  Usually the conversations revolve around the thousands of things that we would like to accomplish around the farm before the snow hits. As we all know anyone that farms/ranches has a list like this…and it never comes to an end, only gets bigger. Although it can be stressful to constantly worry about, getting flower beds built, gardens in,  hooking up water pumps, feeding animals, fixing that roof, painting that shed, building that pig pen, moving that animal, fixing that fence, building that corral, repairing that water tank…IT’S SO WORTH IT. Every sweat bead that falls, every tear shed, every blister and sore back is worth it, because IT’S ALL OURS. We chose the life where you never get a break, and work til the sun goes down because it can be the most rewarding lifestyle.

BLOG photos 019

Everyday we are grateful for the work ethic and family values that were distilled into each of us, as we journey farther down the trail to where we’re headin’. With out the love and commitment from our two unbelievable sets of parents who know’s where we would be on this absolutely beautiful journey. It was the dedication from four people that gave us the will to work hard to find the dusty dirt road to where we now call home.


Each day is a milestone and an accomplishment,  I   WE are so proud of. So next time you witness me with torn jeans, matted hair, mud on my face and probably a cat on my back please smile because I’m home and home is where my heart is happy.

BLOG photos 140

Happy Wednesday from our bonfire to yours,


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