Grandma Beeton

My hubby Chad has a Great Grandma named Elsie.  She really is great. We found our inspiration to start documenting our own life from her. Long ago she started documenting the story of her life and everyone in it…long before the days of blogging. All of Grandma Beeton’s memories and journals were eventually formed into a book that was dispersed throughout the family. Chad loved the idea of documenting the transition through our live’s as a young ranch couple, and so did I.  I loved the idea of being able to show our future children how hard work and dedication to things you love can get you to where you want to be.  I also loved the idea of having a place where all of my family and friends in Manitoba could virtually experience what our life looks like from two provinces away.  With that being said Thank You for the inspiration Grandma Elsie. To everyone else welcome to the journey through our live’s, we’re happy your here.

BLOG photos 061


2 Comments on “Grandma Beeton

  1. This is a wonderful idea Laurie and Chad . I love to see and hear all about your life out there in the Wild West. Love GMA.


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